Amino Acid Balancing

Amino Acid Balancing

Balancing your neurotransmitters is like making sure you’re
breathing and have a pulse. It affects everything else in your

Starting with balancing the brain chemistry resolves many
mysterious issues that are currently medically misdiagnosed and misunderstood

Neurotransmitter Symptoms Summary

Low Dopamine

  1. • low mental/physical energy (tired)
  2. • depressed, flat, bored, apathetic, lethargic, funk
  3. • low motivation, drive, enthusiasm
  4. • difficulty focusing/concentrating
  5. • slow to wake, need over 8 hours of sleep, often tired
  6. • low stamina, you run out of energy quickly
  7. • have cold hands or feet
  8. • crave: caffeine, stimulants or sweets

Low Seratonin

  1. • feeling negative, cynical, pessimistic, worried, anxious
    • automatic negative thoughts
    • unconfident, self critical, guilty, low self esteem
    • obsessive, perfectionist, control freak
    • irritable, impatient, edgy, angry
    • shy, fearful, nervous, panicky
    • not enjoying friendships, relationships, hobbies and interests
    • strong PMS, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, migraine, IBS, asthma
    • restless sleep, wake up often, night owl
    • anxiety attacks, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts
    • crave: sweets/starches/wine/marijuana (especially afternoon or evening)


  1. • feel overworked, pressured, deadline
  2. • trouble relaxing, feel stiff, uptight, tense
  3. • upset, frustrated, snappy (under pressure)
  4. • feel overwhelmed, can’t get it all done
  5. • shaky, weak
  6. • need to eat when emotional, eat a lot, quickly
  7. • sensitive to bright light, noise, fumes
  8. • craving: alcohol, food, tobacco, drugs to relax

Low Acetylcholine

  1. • poor focus, concentration or memory, head pressure
    • difficulty remembering names, faces, lists, directions…
    • misplacing your keys, wallet or glasses frequently
    • difficulty finding the right words, slow/confused thinking
    • introversion -preferring aloneness, no others
    • feeling of despair, lack of joy
    • fatigue that worsens with exertion
    • chronic inflammation in the body
    • cravings: for fatty or creamy foods

Low Endorphins

  1. • overly sensitive to emotional/physical pain
  2. • have had a history of emotional/physical pain
  3. • tear-up or cry easily, hard to get over losses
  4. • avoiding anything that could remotely be painful
  5. • craving: comfort, pleasure, reward, enjoyment or numbing
  6. • craving: bread, cookies, pasta, pizza, cheese, ice cream...


It turns out that what was thought to be your “personality” had more to do with the genetic balance of your main
neurotransmitters… and can be adjusted by taking amino acid supplements!

You can actually CHANGE your personality!

Balanced Dopamine

  1. • Energized
  2. • Upbeat
  3. • Alert
  4. • Focused
  5. • More extroverted
  6. • Confident

Balanced Seratonin

  1. • Feel positive
  2. • Confident
  3. • Flexible
  4. • Easy-going
  5. • Easy being social
  6. • More extroverted

Balanced GABA

  1. • Relaxed
  2. • Stress free
  3. • Content
  4. • Calm

Balanced Acetylcholine

  1. • Mentally energized, focused & clear
  2. • Feel good
  3. • Have it “together”
  4. • Responsive
  5. • Easy being social, more extroverted

Balanced Endorphins

  1. • Comfort
  2. • Pleasure
  3. • Feeling good

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