Removing Egregore Interference

WTF are Egregores? And, why they don’t want you to become powerful or aware…

Egregores seek to block your gifts, magical abilities & Awareness

Egregore- esoteric, from French égrégore (meaning ‘Spirit of a group’)
Santa Claus is a (mostly) harmless Egregore…
Gods are Egregors… but problematic due to the programming they received
(all knowing, all powerful, vengeful, jealous, judger, punisher, can send you to hell)

The more energy that is focused toward a thought-form, the more empowered (energized) it becomes.
If enough people focus enough energy and belief towards a thought- form, it becomes an autonomous entity capable of making its own decisions (within the range of its programming).
Over time the millions of people who have believed in and prayed to gods (given energy to) has made these Egregores VERY powerful!

There are now THOUSANDS of gods that feel they have the RIGHT & DUTY to interfere in your life, to get you to conform to the religious doctrine they represent.

Who Created gods, angles, demons, devils?
How do you pick up these Egregore?

Most Egregores do NOT want you to be Aware or Empowered… – An Egregore’s main job is to get you to conform to the system

Your awareness threatens their very existence, they feel they HAVE TO STOP YOU BEFORE you become aware & powerful.


Why Remove Egregore Influence?

The body was NOT designed to have more than one occupant, so it doesn’t know which being to sync up to, or how to handle it. 

 The body is not just a vehicle but rather a co-creative partner in our life experiences. But, when the body senses that the walk-in knows it intentionally chose your body, loves your body, and is willing to work as a partner with your body, miracles can happen! 

Release Baggage & Imprinting

Gain certainty about where you are and where you are choosing to go.

Get Plugged in to Your Body

When you are truly connected to your body, your body will partner with you to create great change & healing.

Clear Any Agreements

Regain control over your life by releasing any trapped, previous occupants.


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