Sheen Will Teach You Techniques That CAN Alleviate Pain and Painful Memories in Seconds!

One of the best parts of working with Sheen do NOT tell her your story!

Back to the Future

She will guide you through the process of changing your past so that your future shows up the way you intend!

Free Your Mind

Your mind can only react based on information from your past. Liberate your mind by removing its previous references so that you can create from a clean slate!

Let Your Heart Choose

Your heart was intended to be the vehicle for choice. We’ll assist you in realigning your mind with your heart once again.

Discover What Your Life Can TRULY Be Without the Fears of Your Past Limiting You!

  • Have you been aware of a painful memory that you know is subconsciously sabotaging your health, happiness, relationships and/or wealth?
  • Are you tired of struggling with the same scenarios that keep popping up in your life over and over again?
  • Has your ability for growth been hindered by a belief that you picked up from someone else?
  • With the guidance of one of our highly-trained facilitators, we can show you tools you can use in your daily life that are so powerful over 10,000 people have already been liberated from their painful memories!
  • In a single introductory session that typically takes two hours, either online or in-person, you can quickly learn to change negative memories that have locked you down and stopped you from moving forward. We will ensure you are very comfortable using each of the tools we will easily teach you, some of which are listed below:
  • Feeling Your Energy - a fun way to discover how potent you are as an energetic being
  • Soul Link™ - a peer-reviewed technique that has a demonstrated record of 100% success in transforming any negative memory
  • Removing Foreign Energy – gets you back to being all of who you are without any outside influences
  • Core Reason for Living - allows you to see, possibly for the first time, the magnificence of who you are and your true purpose for being here
  • Awareness in Consciousness™ - a powerful technique being used in hospitals for people who are experiencing pain.
  • And others based on your needs!
  • Why do we call this an introductory session? Because the above tools, and around twenty more, are also taught to you in the two-day RestorationSelect this link to learn how to dive even deeper and change everything in your life that is no longer is a contribution to you!
  • At the completion of your Life Changing Session, you’ll be able to look deeply into your own eyes and say, “I love you” and mean it…possibly for the first time in your life! When you love you with all of your heart, magic and miracles happen. You’ll wake up with a daily sense of purpose and renewed vigor to create your life!
  • There’s no time to waste! Select this link to schedule your session with your inspired and highly-qualified facilitator today.

Are you aware that everything you've ever thought or experienced could be holding you back unconsciously?

Memories are energy containers and even the ones you do not think about have created a magnetic imprint in your reality.

Releasing the emotional component of your painful memories allows you to experience real freedom, possibly for the first time in your life!

Over 20,000 people have already been liberated from debilitating memories
by using the simple skills Sheen teaches.


These Techniques are EASY to Implement Into Your Daily Life!

Soul Link™ is one of the many techniques we have mastered and will use during our session with you. We will teach you how to use correctly. It's simple to use once you know it and it is important to know how to properly use it. Personal instruction is invaluable.

This one technique, is like a Memory Makeover, and it has been proven to be significantly more successful than any other alternative healing technique known at this time. EMDR and EFT have only shown effectiveness of between 40-60%.

Soul Link™ has been peer-reviewed by The International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine January, 2016 edition and of the 2,200 participants, 100% found the technique to neutralize painful memories within seconds.

Why does it work? Gary Sinclair, creator of the technique, explains that while most therapies are working to use only a part of the human energy field, like the meridians in EFT, Soul Link™ is unquestionably using the entire human energy field to complete the work. As the variable impulse of the heart, as expressed by the work of The HeartMath® Institute, produces a positive magnetic field that is 5,000 times more powerful than that produced by the brain, any negative memory that is held in the mind through a brain connection, with the process of Soul Link™ cannot fail to neutralize. The power verses force aspect of using the entire human energy field, all at the same time, pulls the negative charge out of the memory.

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Sheen will be guiding you on an awareness journey to assist you in re-membering your wholeness through connecting with nature. 

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Our guests will be guiding you on an awareness journey to assist you in re-membering your wholeness. Nothing you require, for your evolutionary experience, is outside of you.

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