Untangling Walk-ins

Untangling Walk-ins

65% of People on an Awakening Path Have Undergone Some Walk-in Transitions (change of primary occupant).

Here are 12 Symptoms of Being a "Walk-in":

I am on a “Spiritual path” or Awakening journey

Walk-ins seem to be common for people who are seeking to connect at deeper levels and get to know themselves more.

Incomplete Memories of Childhood

Limited memories of the past.  What they do remember is like small snapshots of some key situations that happened.  Like clips from a movie. 

Dramatic Life Changes

A walk-in is almost by definition a change of personality in the body.  Each personality (facet/Being) has a different focus, interest and way of expressing itself. 

Feelings of Wanting to Die

It’s rarely continual, it seems to come and go, but it’s sticks around for a period of weeks to years until some shift occurs in the person (to release the previous occupant’s spirit).  


Whether they actually tried to commit suicide or not, they notice these ongoing feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes they are ok with life, other times they want to die. 

Times When Nothing That Mattered is Important

They go through a phase when many things just loose the excitement or fun that they used to be to the person.  

Not Sure Who You Are & Confused

Walk-ins commonly just feel blurry or foggy, like they just can’t perceive the normal definition of self that they used to feel.  

Life Feels Empty & Flat

Seem to lose all sense of motivation, interest and passion about life.  Even things they used to LOVE to do, just don’t matter.  It’s kind of like depression, but not as strong.

Don't Feel Connected to Friends or Family

Torn between wanting to be connected to their family and friends and not having any connection anymore.

Major Life Changes After Illness or Injury

An experience of being knocked unconscious by some means such as an accident of sorts, or blacking out due to a surgery or drug/alcohol overdose.  

Life Doesn't Make Sense

They seek to make sense of their life and put together pieces that just don’t seem to fit or make sense. They notice inconsistencies, discrepancies or holes in their storyline and look for answers or resolution to it.

Thought of Being Born a Baby Sounds Too Hard

People who are a “born-in” commonly enjoy the thought of being a baby. 


Why Resolve Walk-in Issues?

The body was NOT designed to have more than one occupant, so it doesn’t know which being to sync up to, or how to handle it. 

 The body is not just a vehicle but rather a co-creative partner in our life experiences. But, when the body senses that the walk-in knows it intentionally chose your body, loves your body, and is willing to work as a partner with your body, miracles can happen! 

Release Baggage & Imprinting

Gain certainty about where you are and where you are choosing to go.

Get Plugged in to Your Body

When you are truly connected to your body, your body will partner with you to create great change & healing.

Clear Any Agreements

Regain control over your life by releasing any trapped, previous occupants.


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